Key points


Please read TRADA’s full Articles of Association which can be downloaded here.  We would draw your attention to the following key points:


1  Membership categories


1.1  There are two types of members, as follows:


(a) Corporate members (more recently referred to as Timber Industry Members). Individuals or corporate bodies in any part of the world engaged in the production, trading or sale of timber, manufacture of timber or timber-based products, timber treatment, timber processing or otherwise engaged in the timber using trades and industries (other than specified in (b) below), as well as suppliers to the timber using industries and industry Associations; and


(b) Professional members (recently referred to as Specifier or Contractor Members). Individuals or corporate bodies in any part of the world having a professional interest in the specification and use of timber. Professional members include architects, engineers, surveyors, consultants, industrial designers, educational establishments, students, builders, local authorities, building control officers and others with a similar interest.


2  Joining TRADA


2.1  Following receipt of the completed online application / Membership Application Form and the appropriate Membership Fee we will contact you by e-mail or letter to confirm the details on the form, or to let you know if we cannot, for any reason, accept and process your application.


2.2  If we accept your application, we will confirm that acceptance to you by e-mail or by letter. A contract will be created between TRADA and you (where you are joining as an individual) or your company or organisation (where you have applied on its behalf) when we send that confirmatory e-mail or letter.


2.3  The board of TRADA reserves the right to reject any application for membership, as it sees fit, without having to give any reason, subject to any right of appeal set out in our Articles of Association.


2.4  In joining TRADA membership you agree to us using the data you supply in accordance with our Privacy Policy and to our Terms and Conditions for use of the website.



3  General


3.1 Any Member shall be subject to the Articles of the Association and to such terms and conditions as the Board of Directors shall from time to time determine.


3.2 Every Member agrees to observe the Articles of the Association and to work in the best interest of the Association.


3.3 None of the rights and privileges of Membership shall be chargeable, transferable or transmissible to any third party.


3.4 TRADA’s service provider, Exova (UK) Ltd, undertakes commercial testing, inspection and certification work for a wide range of clients.  There may be times when Exova (UK) Ltd undertakes work that involves the products or services supplied by members of TRADA to Exova (UK) Ltd’s client.  For practical, confidential and professional reasons TRADA and Exova (UK) Ltd cannot advise a member of the fact that they are working for a separate client which involves the appraisal of the goods or services provided by the member.



4  Access to online information and software


4.1  Access to the Membership Services, and to any software, data, information and materials made available through them, is limited to the Number of Authorised Users.


4.2  The Member must ensure that all User log-ins, PINS, IDs and passwords are kept secure and confidential. The Member must inform us immediately the Member becomes aware of, or suspects, any breach of security or unauthorised use of any User log-in, PIN, ID or password. We may, at our discretion, suspend or change any User log-in, PIN, ID or password.


4.3  Neither the Member nor any User may try to circumvent the security features of this website, or tamper with, hack into, or in some other way disrupt or disable any computer system, server, website, router or other device used to host this website or make it available.


4.4  The Member must notify us as soon as possible if there is any change in the person within the Member's organisation who is responsible for liaising with TRADA or if there are any changes in his contact details.


4.5  We will try to keep the Membership Services made available via this website available to Users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but we do not undertake or warrant that the Membership Services will operate continuously or without interruption.


4.6  We may, at any time, suspend the provision of the Membership Services and this website for the purposes of maintenance or support, or if TRADA believes or suspects that their use infringes the intellectual property rights or other rights of any third party, is in any way unlawful, or is likely to lead to anyone taking legal proceedings, or if TRADA believes or suspects that there has been a breach of any of these Membership Terms, our General Terms and Conditions or any Service-Specific Terms.


4.7  We may, at any time and from time to time change, remove or edit any of the Membership Services, or suspend the Member's and any User's access to the Membership Services or this website (or do both of those things) if anyone who appears to us to have reasonable grounds or cause for complaint requests us to do so, or if we have reasonable grounds for doing so. We reserve the right at any time to add to or delete from the Membership Services.



5  Termination


5.1 Any Member wishing to withdraw from membership shall give written notice of resignation no later than six months prior to their next renewal date. Any member in default of this is liable for the subscription for the following year.


5.2  Right to cancel: If you are a consumer, i.e. if you are an individual and are joining TRADA for purposes outside your business, you may cancel your membership within 7 working days beginning on the day after we send you an e-mail or you receive our letter confirming our acceptance of your application to join. If you wish to cancel, please send an e-mail to that effect to: or write to: The Membership Administrator, TRADA, Stocking Lane, Hughenden Valley, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP14 4ND, United Kingdom


5.3 Any person who leaves membership for any reason remains liable for all outstanding moneys which may be due, or which may become payable by him by virtue of his liability under the Articles of Association.  No refunds will be given.


5.4 TRADA may suspend the Member's right to use the Membership Services at any time if the Member has not paid any sum to TRADA by the due date, or if the Member is in breach of these Membership rules, our Terms and Conditions for use of the website or any of the Service-Specific Terms.




Rules for use of TRADA member logo




  • Members of TRADA may, if written agreement from TRADA is obtained, use the current TRADA Member logo (shown above) on their company stationery, promotional materials and website.


  • Use of previous versions of the TRADA Member logo is not permitted.


  • Display of the logo shows only that an individual or a company is a member of the Timber Research & Development Association, and the member agrees to use the logo on that basis.


  • Use of the logo in this way does not imply any contingent responsibility by TRADA for the member or for any third parties. It does not confer any guarantee or liability by TRADA. A digital declaration using the above form has to be completed by the member prior to its use.


  • Subject to the above, members may reproduce the logo which may be enlarged or reduced (but retaining the height and width proportions) as long as its wording remains legible.


  • The monochrome logo can be reproduced in the following colours: Black or Dark Blue. The full colour logo may be reproduced in Pantone 541 blue and Pantone 138 orange only. Any variation on these colours should be agreed with TRADA in advance. No other variations are permitted, and in particular the wording may not be changed or omitted.


  • An electronic version of the file will be supplied on request to all members.


  • When membership of TRADA ceases for whatever reason permission for the continued use of the logo is withdrawn. All materials bearing the logo must then be destroyed immediately.


  • Use of the logo on anything other than company stationery (letterheading), promotional materials or company website is not allowable without written permission. The logo must be used in an appropriate way, and TRADA reserves the right to withdraw permission at any time, without being bound to provide reasons for the decision.