Loft conversions with trussed rafter roofs

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There is a quiet revolution going on in the housebuilding industry which impacts on many householders. Until a few years ago most house roofs were constructed with simple trussed rafters; lightweight yet robust frameworks constructed from specially selected timber joined with patented connector plates.

This Product Data Sheet has been produced specifically to warn householders of the perils of modifying trussed rafter roofs in order to provide roofspace accommodation without first seeking experienced, professional advice.


  • Fig 1: A typical arrangement of new roof members

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Widely used for a range of building types, trussed rafters are an economical, versatile and straightforward solution to providing a roof to a building.

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Standard bracing of 'Room in the Roof' (attic) trussed rafter roofsnavigation-arrow

This information sheet is an extrapolation of the standard bracing requirements given in BS 5268-3 extended to cover 'Room in the Roof' trussed rafters. All the information given here should be read in conjunction with the requirements of that standard.


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  • Bracing responsibility
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Aron Searle discusses the design of pitched roofs, with particular reference to condensation, fire resistance and durability

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