Breather membranes for timber frame walls

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All timber frame walls are designed to 'breathe'. The term 'breathe' refers to the ability of a wall to allow water vapour to diffuse through the structure. This is an important consideration to the long term durability of the timber structure.

A breather membrane restricts the passage of liquid water, whilst allowing water vapour to pass through.

This Wood Information Sheet (WIS) covers a number of topics surrounding breather membranes including the requirements of a breather membrane, the considerations which must be made to mitigate risk of condensation, and the measures which must be taken to mitigate heat loss caused by convection currents.


  • Requirements
  • Specification
  • Condensation risk
  • Installation
  • Repair

This Wood Information Sheet was revised in November 2016. Information has been added on the thermal performance of breather membranes and also the specifications for when used with open-jointed cladding.

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