Assessment and repair of structural timber

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Repairs become necessary when a building is no longer safe or serviceable for its intended purpose, or to restore or improve its appearance, performance or function.


Timber structures can be repaired using traditional all-timber methods, mechanical fasteners and adhesives, but only following survey and assessment that take account of the structures condition and intended use.


Historic structures demand appraisal by specialists. Their advice about the scope and extent of any survey will lead to significant savings in construction time and cost. Their specialist knowledge of non-destructive techniques will minimise disruption and allow the inspection to proceed with the minimum of opening up works during the preliminary phase of the building investigation.


This Wood Information Sheet (WIS) looks at why a structure may require repair, how the survey and assessment are carried out and the repair methods available.


It has been updated in July 2015 with minor amendments to the text to cite the latest British Standards and other references.



  • The need for repair
  • Survey and assessment
  • The survey
  • The assessment
  • Repair methods

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