Structural use of timber: an introduction to BS 5268-2:2002

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BS 5268 The structural use of timber is the UK code of practice covering the major structural uses of timber, particularly in building. In total it consists of seven parts.

BS 5268-2 Permissible stress design, materials and workmanship brings together design stresses, design methods and some general guidance on the structural use of timber. It covers a wide range of softwoods, hardwoods, panel products and jointing devices, and provides design information for solid timber, glulam and built-up composite structures such as box and I beams

As a consequence of the move to Eurocode, BSI withdrew BS268-2 on 24th November. For the same reason this WIS has not been maintained and does not cover the Amendment issued 1stDecember 2007. However Building Regulations Approved Documents in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have not been revised and still refer to BS5268-2, although the use of Eurocodes is equally acceptable.



  • Section 1: General
  • Section 2: Timber
  • Section 3: Glued laminated timber
    • Table 1: Softwood species/grade combinations which satisfy the requirements for strength classes C14 - C30
    • Table 2: Hardwood species/grade combinations which satisfy the requirements of strength classes D30 - D70
  • Section 4: Plywood
  • Section 5: Panel products other than plywood
  • Section 6: Joints
  • Section 7: Workmanship, Inspection and maintenance
  • Testing


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