The builder's guide to plywood

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Using plywood is a good way to help reduce the growth of global warming because wood is a renewable building material; as trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, giving out the oxygen we breathe.

The carbon is then stored for the life of the tree and the life of the product. It can even be recycled.

This brochure, published by wood. for good. is an extensive, but basic guide to using plywood in construction.

The builder's guide to plywood features descriptions of the different grades of the two main plywood types, as well as how to specify plywood for a number of situations, including wall sheathing, interior walls, roofing, structural floors and decorative floors.


  • A sustainable building material
  • A basic guide to plywood
    • Thickness and layers
    • Two main types of plywood
    • Manufacture
    • Plywood grades
  • Plywood wall sheathing
  • Interior plywood walls
    • Fixing methods
  • Roofing
    • Installation
  • Structural floors
    • Installation
    • Joisted floors
    • Continually supported floors 
  • Plywood decorative floors
    • Fixing tips
  • Concrete solutions
    • Applications
  • Plywood packaging
  • Specialty plywood
  • Innovation in plywood

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