9 million tramping feet on a hardwood floor

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Strolling, dancing, shuffling, tramping. Nine million pairs of feet have passed this way. But the floor today still keeps its luxury look, its new appearance. It is a hardwood floor installed nine years ago at the Royal Festival Hall, London. No doubt about hardwood floorsthey last.

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Dynamic response of timber flitch beamsnavigation-arrow

Through experimental analysis, James Norman, Joel Ross, Robbie Kirkbride and Toby Hill-Smith outline the damping exhibited in these complex beams.


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Constructional timber: Fact sheet no. 3navigation-arrow

This wood for good fact sheet is an introductory document to constructional timber.

The sheet contains tips, guides to marking and span tables for C16 and C24 floor joists. 


  • Tips
  • Markings
  • Species
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  • Span tables for domestic floor...

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Span Tables - a look back and forwardnavigation-arrow

Keerthi Ranasinghe, BM TRADA's Eurocodes expert, sets the scene for the fourth edition of TRADA's Eurocode 5 Span Tables, published in 2014.

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