The vertical timber city

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Could entire urban districts soon be comprised of tall timber structures? Peter Wilson explores the timber engineering developments that are creating high-rise possibilities.


Article from Timber 2017 Industry Yearbook

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A wooden tower: the seeds of an ideanavigation-arrow

Ron Bakker discusses a recent research project on tall timber buildings.


Article from Timber 2017 Industry Yearbook

01/03/2017 |  Magazine Article  

Construction Industry Forecast: Summer 2017navigation-arrow

Construction output is forecast to rise by 1.6% in 2017, a revision upwards from the 1.3% in our previous forecasts, primarily driven by growth in new infrastructure activity and private house building, offsetting declines in commercial offices, retail and industrial factories.

24/08/2017 |  CPA Construction Industry Forecast  

Construction Trade Survey August 2017navigation-arrow

Key survey findings include:

  • 22% of main building contractors, on balance, reported that construction output rose in the second quarter of 2017 compared with a year ago
  • 30% of specialist contractors reported a rise in output during Q2
  • 13% of civil engineers, on balance, reported an increase in workloads...

15/08/2017 |  CPA Construction Industry Forecast