Seals for timber floors: A specification guide

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Seals for timber floors: A specification guide is the second of two publications resulting from a programme of research undertaken over a three year period by TRADA Technology. It provides objective guidance to consumers on the choice of commercially available seals for timber floors. The guidance is based on comparative performance studies of thirty commercially available seal products. The seals were subjected to a programme of laboratory tests, each dealing with a different performance criterion.

A list of 'top ten' products is given for each of the tests carried out thereby enabling consumers the means to select products which best meet the specific performance and in-service demands created by particular end-use environments. The publication describes the test methods used and provides explanations on how to use the specification guide through working examples.

This book does not cover all the aspects of schedule specification or factors affecting the choice of schedule and should therefore be consulted in conjunction with the companion publication Sealing timber floors: A best practice guide


  • Introduction
  • The test programme
    • Products
    • Testing
  • How to use the guide
    • Using the tables
    • Working examples
  • Annex: Details of test methods