Green oak in construction

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Green oak can be defined simply as oak which has been freshly cut. Thus green oak construction is the craft of forming a building frame with members of green oak. It is not a new craft, but dates back many centuries and was used by generations of carpenters to make the historic barns, houses and church roofs which can be seen up and down the land. Neither is the craft confined to history - it is very much alive today, and has provided the stimulus for the production of this book.

Green oak in construction is a highly illustrated technical guide to the use of green oak in the building of modern structures, and shows how to achieve excellence in practice.

This book details a number of the benefits, difficulties and considerations involved with specifying green oak for construction including the main problems associated with kiln drying oak, a history of green oak construction and the strength grading rules that apply to oak.


  • Introduction
  • Green oak past and present
  • The supply of green oak
  • Properties of oak
  • Design of green oak structures
  • The green oak framing process
  • Enclosing green oak structures
  • Exterior uses of green oak
  • Case studies
  • Apendix I: Specifying oak supplies for traditional framing
  • Appendix II: Green oak strength grading rules
  • Appendix III: Engineering design data
  • Appendix IV: Green oak strength grading rules: Quick reference sheet