British Grown Hardwoods - The Designers' Handbook

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Architects and designers are showing increasing interest in the use of natural materials generally and wood in particular. For many projects, hardwood has an additional appeal because of its attractive appearance, strength or durability. Concern over tropical timber usage is leading specifiers to concentrate on temperate timbers. In addition, the recognition that Britain should be more self-sufficient in its use of building materials is creating a revival in the use of British-grown woods.

There are many examples of British-grown hardwoods being used today for structural purposes, for external cladding and decking, for joinery and internal uses such as panelling and flooring. Traditional skills are being revitalised with the use of 'green oak' in exposed timber frame buildings, particularly amongst self builders. This traditional revival is being balanced by innovative design in modern building applications.

British Grown Hardwoods - The Designer's Handbook covers structural applications, landscape design, external and internal joinery and floors, with information on environmental aspects, characteristics and implications for design.


  • Introduction to British hardwoods
  • Uses
  • Species information
  • Sources of further information
  • Appendix I: Summary of British Forestry Regulations and Standards