Timber as a material: questions and answers

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This question sheet with model answers is provided for lecturers and should be used alongside the student questions sheet for this module.


Short answer essay questions are provided separately for students linking only to the material either in this module, or material cited in the further reading list contained within each unit. Designed to test their understanding, the essay questions will also encourage students to think about how they would apply the information they have learned in these resources to other situations that they may encounter.


The model answers highlight some of the key points of understanding that should have been learned from reading this module. They are intended to be indicative answers only, and will not explore every possible variation of answer.


The extension activities provided in both documents are additional suggestions of linked exercises that can be carried out with groups utilising the TRADA resources. They include opportunities for group discussion to promote critical thinking about the information provided, and encourage learners to think about how they would apply the information learned into real situations. Answers are not provided for extension activities.