Introduction to timber engineering design

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This module is a teaching aid for tutors delivering courses on the use and design of timber in engineering and architecture. Suggested reading is given for each unit, within each module.  You can also access the other resources such as Case Studies and Wood Information Sheets (full access for lecturers, partial for students) directly.


The Introduction to timber engineering design module builds on aspects of the related module on Timber as a material, and it also includes design examples. The importance of in-service environmental conditions when designing in timber is emphasised.


The fundamentals of Eurocode are outlined in the context of designing timber structures, in particular the principles of limit state design. The use of characteristic values versus design material properties are considered in the context of timber.


Finally, concise guides to connections and fixings are included, again with reference to Eurocode 5 and other standards where appropriate.


This module is designed to support engineering and architecture lecturers.


Each of the following units can be downloaded separately, in line with teaching requirements and course progression.