Cross-laminated timber: introduction for specifiers

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This revision includes an additional supplier in Table 2 only.

The technology and market for cross-laminated timber (CLT) is changing rapidly. 2015 sees the introduction of CE marking of CLT panels according to the product Standard BS EN 16351 published in October 2015. This general revision includes an amended sections on durability and thermal performance.


Although cross-laminated timber (CLT) originated in Continental Europe, it is increasingly popular in the UK. CLT panel construction is now used with confidence to challenge concrete and steel frame construction in tall and long span applications where conventional timber framing was hitherto unsuitable or uneconomic.

This Wood Information Sheet (WIS) is an overview of the subject with signposts to more detailed sources that are listed at the end. It highlights all the design issues that specifiers should consider with the exception of structural aspects which are covered in the companion sheet WIS 2/3-62: Cross-laminated timber: structural principles

This Wood Information Sheet is also available as part of a series on cross-laminated timber which can be purchased from the TRADA booskshop. As well as this WIS, The complete cross-laminated timber series also contains:

  • WIS 2/3-62: Cross-laminated timber: Structural principles
  • GD10: Cross-laminated timber - design guide for project feasibility
  • Worked Example: 12 storey building of Cross-laminated timber (Eurocode 5)



  • Overview
  • Applications
  • Benefits
  • Manufacture and pre-processing off site
  • Supply
  • Configurations
  • Hybrid forms
  • Erection
  • Design principles

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