Decking: A builder's guide

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It is the property owner's responsibility to check whether planning or building consent is required before work starts.

Article from the TRADA Timber Industry Yearbook 2013

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Timber deckingnavigation-arrow

It is becoming increasingly popular for people to extend their living areas outdoors, into the garden. The commercial use of decking and walkways is also growing, with restaurants extending their dining areas and pubs providing smoking areas.

Timber decking represents one of the best ways to create 'a room...

01/01/2014 |  Choose and Use  

Timber engineering hardware and connectorsnavigation-arrow

This 2016 edition contains revisions to the CE marking section, on account of new terminology und the Construction  Products Regulation, 2011, as well as several minor corrections.


The term 'timber engineering hardware' encompasses a diverse range of metal components, made of steel plate, sheet or strip, which are used to...

27/02/2017 |  Wood Information Sheet  

Design of structural timber connectionsnavigation-arrow

Connections are an essential part of any structure, and in timber structures they are often the most critical part of a design. The timber section size is often determined by the strength of the section remaining after drilling holes for bolts or dowels, or by the spacing requirements for the...

27/02/2017 |  Wood Information Sheet