Wide-span wood sports structures

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Wide-span wood sports structures shows the contribution that timber can make to the construction of sustainable sports buildings. It includes nineteen case studies of sports structures around the world from a community sports centre in Finland to the Sydney Showground Exhibition Buildings. These comprise a magnificent timber dome, 97m across and 42m high, together with three linked, open-plan timber halls, covering a total area of 14,400 square metres. The Centre has provided permanent facilities for the Royal Agricultural Society since the Games - an example of successful 'Games Legacy' planning.

Information on structural materials, such as glulam and LVL is included as well as guidance on suitable connections.


  • D'Coque National Sports and Cultural Centre, Luxembourg
  • Joensuu Multipurpose Arena, Finland
  • Salzburg Arena, Austria
  • Norway Winter Olympics
  • Bordeaux Olympic Velodrome, France
  • Sydney Olympic Exhibition Centre, Australia
  • Erfurt Speed Skaing Arena, Germany
  • Autzen Stadium, USA
  • Nanterre Stadia, France
  • Pohjola Stadium, Finland
  • Prien Swimming Pool, Germany
  • Darlaston Swimming Pool, UK
  • Bad Dürrheim Swimming Pool, Germany
  • Priessnitzel Sports Hall, Germany
  • Pyhämaa Community Sports Centre, Finland
  • Lappeenranta Sports/Community Building, Finland
  • Albertville Gymnasium, France
  • Sports Complex and Martial Arts Centre, France
  • Tacoma Dome, USA
  • Timber Sports Domes
  • Structural Materials and Forms
  • Structural Elements
  • Connections and Gallery

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