Tackle Climate Change: Use wood

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It has been estimated that an annual 4% increase to 2010 in Europe's wood consumption would sequester an additional 150million tonnes of CO2 per year and that the market value of this environmental service would be about â‚¬1.8 billion per year.

Statistics such as these create very compelling environmental and economic arguments for the use of timber as a way of reducing climate change.

The purpose of this book is to contribute to this debate and help promote a culture in the construction industry which looks towards wood as a sustainable alternative to more conventional construction materials.

This book contains a number of startling figures which not only show the current rate of greenhouse gas emissions, but also the positive environmental impact wood can have.


  • Climate Change
    • CO2 emissions are the main cause
    • Cutting CO2 emissions
    • Wood and CO2 reduction
  • Europe's forests: a renewable resource
  • How wood products help slow Global Warming
    • Assessing the CO2 impact of different materials
    • How much CO2 can be saved by using wood?
  • The eco-cycle of wood and wood-based products
    • The carbon cycle of wood-based products
    • Wood re-use
    • Wood recycling
    • Wood and energy recovery
  • The benefits of using wood
    • Building with wood
    • Living with wood
  • The industry: facts and figures

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